Recipe for Romance - Maple Woods, Book 2
By Jo
Aug 2, 2014 - 6:34:02 PM

RECIPE FOR ROMANCE (MAPLE WOODS #2) is an easy reading contemporary romance that I read in less than a day.  There was some heat and not just in the kitchen, a lot of friction, reminisces, mouthwatering pies galore in the Sweetie Pie bakery (cute name) and at Emily's apartment as well.  The story unfolded at just the right pace that kept me wanting more.

Miles' RECIPE FOR ROMANCE is the second book in the series but I had no idea until I went to the author's website that this was part of a series.  Not having read book one I didn't feel like I was missing anything since a lot of history was given as the story was told.  There was a Collins vs. Porter mentality throughout since the two families had a lot of history, most of it bad, except where Scott and Emily were concerned.  Scott's sister, Lucy, who is also Emily's boss, was clueless to what had driven Scott away as was Emily, his girlfriend at the time.  Watching the interactions there was often times hope and other times despair.  There was a lot of secrets, guilt, unfilled promises, family and friends as well as tears, concern, heartbreak, some laughter and hope.  The epilogue gave me the happily ever after that I wanted but didn't think would happen and some closure but a few loose ends remained regarding Scott's parents, the rebuilding of the library and what Scott was going to do about his business.  I hope that there will be other books in the series since Emily's sister, Julia, needs her own story (hint, hint)!

Miles is a new to me author and I need to go back and read book one in the MAPLE WOODS SERIES, ‘TWAS THE WEEK BEFORE CHRISTMAS.  I also look forward to reading her new BRIAR CREEK SERIES when book one, MISTLETOE ON MAIN STREET, comes out later this year.  Her books will definitely be added to my ever growing TBR pile!

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