Reckless, Book 2 - Reckless Behavior

Author: Amanda Young

Publisher: Loose Id

Release Date: April 14 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Dante was once on a mission that consisted of conquering one attractive male after another and leaving behind a string of one night stands. Now he finds himself in a comfortable relationship of six months with his younger lover Cody, but has kept his emotions and heart carefully guarded.

What started out as infatuation for the older man has now developed into a deep love for Cody, but he keeps his feelings just under the surface, too afraid that Dante will head for the hills upon hearing his confession. Instead he lets his fear of rejection guide his actions and plays up the good times and chemistry they share together in hopes of not scaring off Dante.


Due to his young age and nonexistent experience before their relationship, Dante feels that his young partner should sow some wild seeds. Dante introduces Cody into a ménage as a way of letting Cody gain experience while still being able to have Cody for himself. Wild nights and three-ways soon became a norm in their relationship as Cody hopes to keep Dante’s attentions and is willing to do anything if it means holding Dante’s interest.


As Cody plans to come clean to Dante about wanting to have a monogamous relationship and proclaim his love for him tension mounts.  On an unexpected visit to Dante’s to lay everything out in the open regarding his desires and gauge for a reaction, it is Cody that is in for the surprise when a half-naked man opens the door. Too stunned to stay, Cody bolts and ignores Dante’s calls. He is conflicted after hearing the voice messages with Dante’s explanations. Can Cody trust the notorious playboy enough to believe his seemingly cliché excuse or is it all really just an easy way out of a commitment for Dante?


RECKLESS BEHAVIOR is a yummy follow up to RECKLESS SEDUCTION, where Dante and Cody are first introduced.  The continuation flows seamlessly into the now evolved relationship between the two men. Amanda Young ups the heat level in this one, be prepared for steamy encounters from start to finish between Dante and Cody.  As the two lovers struggle through misunderstandings as well as with their own insecurities and emotions, the strains of real-life circumstances make this into a beautifully written piece of the ups and downs relationships can take. 


Full of romance and a deep sense of love between her two characters and pages overflowing with passion, Ms. Young doesn’t disappoint in this enjoyable saga.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Pamela Denise

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