Reclaimed Surrender (Trust in Me, Book 1)

Author: Riley Murphy

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: February 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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Rene Tanner’s marriage is falling apart and up until now he’s gone along with his wife’s ideas on how to fix things between them – including seeing a marriage counselor who clearly has no idea what made their relationship so beautiful in the first place.  The only thing the counselor has suggested that would work is a week of “As You Wish’ therapy… only if Alexis is expecting flowers, poetry, chocolate and long romantic dates she’s in for quite a surprise.  That might have been what the therapist was alluding to, but in Rene’s mind it’s totally subject to interpretation – and Alexis and he were happy when he was in charge and she submitted to his whims.  It’s time to pull out all the stops and do what must be done to fix their marriage – and he has one week to do it.

Alexis’s professional life and business relationship with her partner Michael are taking up more and more time that she could be spending focusing on Rene and her marriage.  She knows the marriage is in trouble, it has been for the past six months ever since Michael’s prophesies about Rene attempting to trap her into motherhood seemed to come true.  Rene and Alexis haven’t been intimate since that incident and communication between them has completely broken down.  She’s terrified that Rene’s going to want out of the marriage but has no idea how to fix what’s broke. 


Alexis squandered her week of the ‘As You Wish’ therapy, but Rene isn’t going to be so foolish.  He’s got a set plan to shake things up and Alexis, as per the terms of their contract, is duty bound to obey him.  What transpires is a trip down memory lane complete with text messages.  Every hour on the hour from eleven to five, Alex is to text Rene, in fifty words or less, something he’s done that has turned her on.  Through the various demands Rene puts on her Alexis begins to loosen up and reevaluate what’s really important to her.  In addition, Alexis finally recognizes Michael for the interloper he is – and the part the other man has played in the downfall of her marriage.


Riley Murphy’s RECLAIMED SURRENDER completely caught me by surprise.  No, it wasn’t the fact that a married couple could enjoy a Dom/sub relationship or even the effects an outsider is having on the marriage, it was the raw passion that’s so prevalent throughout this story that really made me sit up and take notice.  The love Rene feels for Alexis is obvious in his every action, even though she wouldn’t agree at times.  He carefully orchestrated his demands to give her the opportunity to reevaluate their marriage, her love for him, and where her priorities lie.  I absolutely loved that Rene doesn’t cave to her bratty behavior when she attempts to take control and really appreciated the care he took in getting to the bottom of the problem between them rather than the obvious.  RECLAIMED SURRENDER is an entrancing BDSM read that shows the true beauty of the lifestyle, especially when the couple is involved in a committed relationship.


Riley Murphy’s TRUST IN ME series is comprised of three stories but it does appear they can be read as stand-alones.




By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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