Reclaiming Love
By Christina
Dec 1, 2008 - 12:22:57 PM

Kevin is a survivor of a horrific and violent relationship. He loved his partner and the man had to almost kill him before Kevin was able to force himself to walk away. He is determined never to go back but Josh’s abuse has taken its toll. Even after three years Kevin hasn’t recovered, and despite assurances that he is getting better, he is afraid he will never be able to do normal things like spend time alone in his apartment again.

Connor came to St. Louis to get away from a bad breakup and start a new life. When he sees a beautiful man sitting in a bookstore he immediately has a strong desire to introduce himself. His reaction to Kevin is unexpected but very welcome. Kevin, however, seems nervous and he almost runs away from him. He is surprised by Kevin’s reaction but he feels a connection to him and knows that he has to see Kevin again.


Connor and Kevin can’t deny their attraction to one another but they have a long road ahead. Connor must learn to be patient with Kevin and Kevin must learn to trust not only Connor but himself as well. 


There were times when I found it difficult to read this novel but I was also completely absorbed in it. RECLAIMING LOVE is definitely worth sticking with until the end. As I read I was struck by the realism in this story. What happened to Kevin could happen to anyone.


V.F. McElfresh handles the subject of domestic violence with honesty and compassion. Kevin’s story is heartbreaking but also very inspiring. The romance between Connor and Kevin is hot and intense but in a very sweet and loving way. RECLAIMING LOVE is a complex yet extremely moving story that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who reads it.

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