Reconstructing Natalie

Author: Laura Jensen Walker

Publisher: WestBow

Release Date: April 12, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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RECONSTRUCTING NATALIE by Laura Jensen Walker is a story about a 27 year old woman sho finds herself fighting the dreaded disease of women, Breast Cancer.  People that know Natalie Moore think she has the perfect life.  She has a great job where she can do pretty much what she chooses, a nice apartment behind her parent's home with low rent, great friends and parents that love her unconditionally, but will this be enough to carry her through her journey of cancer?

The day that Natalie goes to the doctor to have a lump in her breast checked, she thinks it is just routine.  She has always had lumpy breasts.  When the doctor comes back in, she knows there is more to the lump that normal.  While Natalie is trying to shift through the news, she knows that she needs to tell her boyfriend.  How do you tell the person who you thought you could grow old with that you have cancer and may not make it?

Natalie decides that feeling sorry for herself will only drain her strength she has left after the chemo treatments.  With her friends help, she takes each day as a new adventure, even to the point of having a "Boob Voyage" party before she has a double mastectomy.  Meeting with a group of ladies that are cancer survivors, Natalie learns to fight for life and for those things that mean the most.  Could there still be romance after cancer?  Watching and listening to the ladies in the support group, Natalie realizes that life can go on as before, including romance.  Love often comes from the most overlooked areas of our lives.   Will Natalie be able to have that family that she dreamed as a little girl?

Sometimes in life what we are looking for is staring us right in the face and we just can't see it.  In RECONSTRUCTING NATALIE, author Laura Jensen Walker has written about the struggles of breast cancer from her own struggle.  Cancer does have its negative sides, but also positive outcomes if we will turn our struggles over to God and let Him walk with us through the hard times.  This outstanding author has taken her talent as a writer and led the reader through moments of hard times, but has not left us there.  She has also brought in the special friendships, the love and laughter that only those who have walked through the valley of cancer experience.  This is a must read for any women who have heard the dreaded word Cancer.  I am honored to give this accomplished author a 4.5 blue ribbon rating.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: sherreechmitlin

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