Red Dirt Duchess

Author: Louise Reynolds

Publisher: e-penguin

Release Date: August 19, 2014

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.0

Format: EBOOK

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Following a disastrous affair with his editor, English society playboy Jonathan ‘Jon’ Hartley-Huntley is suddenly taken off his cushy assignments and sent to the Australian Outback to do a story on the floods there. His plans are to get in, get his story and get back out as soon as possible, hopefully within twenty-four hours. Arriving during intense heat, he is forced to walk from the plane to the hotel when no one arrives to pick him up. The hotel also houses a pub and when he stops in for a drink, he is fascinated by the beautiful owner. But then he spots a painting, which is reminiscent of a painting that has haunted him since childhood and he needs to know more. Between the beauty behind the bar and the painting, Jon’s stay in the Outback lasts longer than he intended.

Charlie Hughes loves her job of running the pub/hotel in the small town of Bindundilly and can think of nowhere else she would rather be. She is alone in the world now that her parents are dead. But the colorful mural on the wall, one that her father painted, serves to remind her of the man who raised her. It has garnered much attention from her patrons…too much attention, so she finally covers it up by hanging hats over it. When a gorgeous Englishman walks in the door, she feels an instant attraction to him. As he settles in, she is startled by his reaction to her father’s painting.

When Jon cannot obtain any transportation out to the site to get his story, Charlie offers to take him. During their time spent together, he tells her about the other painting, which he believes was done by her father also. As she begins losing her heart to him, he finishes his assignment and is about to leave Australia when he invites her to England so she can check out the other painting. Not long afterwards, Charlie decides to take Jon up on his invitation. But when she arrives in England, she is shocked to discover that Jon is the son of an earl and the differences in their stations becomes all too apparent.

With the discovery that his brother is sterile, Jon becomes the family’s only hope of begetting heirs to keep the title going. His mother is desperate for him to marry, but only to someone of breeding, which doesn’t include Charlie. However, the only woman that Jon wants is Charlie and the longer that Charlie stays, the more Jon wants to build a life with her. When new information comes to light about both Charlie and Jon’s individual pasts, will this hinder or help their relationship?

A sweet tale, RED DIRT DUCHESS, the latest book by author Louise Reynolds, is a beautiful contemporary romance that will quickly draw you in. British nobility collides with Australian Outback unconventionality in this delightful tale. Jon was raised in a cold, stuffy atmosphere where breeding was everything while Charlie’s childhood was more free-spirited and loving. These differences have made them into two very different people, but their love for each other is undeniable.

Ms. Reynolds’ gorgeous imagery brings the Australian Outback to life right before your eyes. The characters are well-drawn, the passion is hot and the clever dialogue will keep you laughing. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Reynolds’ work. For a refreshing new read with a taste of the Outback, be sure to pick up a copy of RED DIRT DUCHESS and check it out for yourself!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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