Red Hot Lover

Author: Lyn Cash

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: September 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5 Ribbons

Format: EBOOK

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They sat in the building huddled together, holding each other, waiting for the rescue team. Chance thought of the woman, Faith, and how far she has come with her training. She is a dynamo in a pint sized package. She handles everything that is thrown at her. Faith is beautiful; dark hair, hazel eyes and full lips.

Chance's mind shifts to his last meeting where he was asked about the women's performances as they went through training. Gloria couldn't handle the vigorous training but Faith was full of spunk. The only thing that the Commander was worried about was not a lot of firehouses wanted a woman to work with them. Oh but Chance wanted Faith to work with them, he wanted her for himself! Chance knew Faith always went the extra mile and she pulls her weight...he trusts her.

Faith has a secret.

Faith went to the local watering hole, Sal's Firehouse; a jazz and rock and roll pub. It's also the fireman and fan favorite hangout. As she gets out of her truck, Chance notices she's dressed to the nines. Chance follows her inside to the bar. The bartender asks what she wants and Faith gave her order.

She wasn't sitting very long before she had some men hitting on her and asking her to dance, way before Chance had asked. So he sat and watched as an octopus put all his hands on her body. Chance was about to interfere but Faith knees the man. She walks back to the bar and Chance sees his chance to go over and speak to her. He was just about to ask for a dance but she beats him to the punch. Faith issues an invitation he can't refuse.

Quick! Someone call a fireman! There's a fire taking over my body and mind. RED HOT LOVER by Lyn Cash sizzles and the pages turn to ashes. My fingers even burned! Keep those water hoses close by, you're going to need them! Highly recommended.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Connie Spears

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