Red Hot Reunion
By Rosie Bindra
May 5, 2007 - 12:00:00 AM

Jason Roberts has it all. He’s good looking, famous and he’s rich. As a celebrity chef who could pretty much have any woman he wants, he is living every man’s dream. Even with all that going for him though, he can’t stop thinking about the girl in college who thoughtlessly broke his heart and went off to marry a jock. So when he gets an invite to his ten-year reunion and sees her name on the list, he is more than ready to go back and serve up some revenge.

Emma Holden has been thinking about Jason since the day she broke up with him. Not being able to handle the bad boy he was in college, and giving into pressure from her parents, she cruelly broke things off with him to marry her now ex-husband. When she runs into Jason at their ten-year reunion, she decides to let all of her inhabitation’s break free and to be the kind of girl she has always known is hiding in her.

Jason may have plans for revenge, but Emma has plans of her own. She’s finally going to let the hot, sensual woman who has been buried inside her out to play, and Jason’s just the man to get her to let loose. Even though they’re burning up the sheets and raising the temperature in California, Jason still can’t let go of his thoughts of vengeance. But Emma may turn the tables on him yet.

Wow! This book was something else. Revenge may be a dish best served cold, but when both sides have an agenda of their own, what you get is truly red hot. RED HOT REUNION definitely delivers on its title. I suggest reading it in your bathtubs; this way you won’t have to go far for the cold shower after. Emma and Jason really burn up the pages, and in the process, rediscover what each means to the other. Emma is such a sweet character. You’ll find yourself sympathizing with her situation and desperately want the happy ending if for no other reason than to see her happy. Jason is just such a total hunk. I swear the man makes me want to swoon. RED HOT REUNION is a delicious pleasure from start to finish, and I highly recommend you speed to your bookstore to pick it up. Second chances are so rarely offered to us, so when it does happen, it’s always best to snatch it up without thinking twice.

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