Red Hot Secrets
By Chrissy Dionne
Oct 1, 2005 - 11:59:00 PM

Lauren Reynolds has just acquired a job as an intern at a reputable Manhattan advertising firm. She's been supporting her mother who has conquered her battle with breast cancer after months of torturous chemotherapy. Thanks to her new job, Lauren now looks forward to escaping the state of poverty they have grown so accustom to. Lauren's one escape is the television program "RED HOT SECRETS," where her favorite character, Tara Ross, escaped the slums and now runs an important cosmetic company - not to mention two sexy guys fighting over her affections. Lauren would love to have just one hunky guy in her life.

Matthew Monroe comes from a monied family, because of this finding a woman that would be interested in him and not his money has proved to be difficult. Instead of chasing skirts, Matt has chosen to concentrate on proving he deserves to take over his father's firm the following year by running someone else's company in Los Angeles, he still maintains his place in New York since he'll be back eventually.

To celebrate Lauren's new employment as an intern, her friend, Cat Maxwell calls and talks Lauren into going with her to Red Apple Club. According to one of Cat's contacts it's the club to be seen at for advertising people, so Lauren should go, and Cat's willing to foot the bill as well as loan her something to wear. After agreeing to go to the club and hanging up the phone, Lauren went back to watching Red Hot Secrets, and finally decides after watching her favorite character in yet another situation with one of her admirers, Lauren decides she needs a red hot secret of her own. Once Lauren arrives at the Red Apple Club she's immediately drawn to the table where Matt and his friend, Bob were seated and finds herself staring back at Matt, who's watching her just as intently. Nervously, she finds a table to sit and wait for Cat, who's had an emergency at work and won't be able to make it after all. Matt introduces himself to Lauren, hearing that her friend isn't going to be able to meet her gives him the opportunity he needs to get to know Lauren - a lot better. Matt lets her know that he wants her and she says "yes" to going home with him. Looks like Lauren's going to get her red hot secret after all.

Lisa Renee Jones has produced yet another winner with RED HOT SECRETS. Lauren's out of character behavior on the night she meets Matt comes back to haunt her in a big way later on. Matt and Lauren thought they were only having a one time fling, after all Matt's job is in California, Lauren has no reason to suspect he'll be showing up in a most inconvenient way. I loved that Lauren is so hooked on the television program RED HOT SECRETS only to live out her fantasies in reality and then suddenly the show doesn't hold the same appeal. This is one of those stories that pulls you in and you just have to keep reading until you reach the end of the story, which is just as exciting as the beginning. Definitely a book well worth reading.

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