Red Sage Volume 20: Surrender To Pleasure

Author: Amber Green, Charlotte Featherstone, Leigh Wyndfield & Dominique Sinclair

Publisher: Red Sage

Release Date: July 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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The Subject by Amber Green

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


Tyler is about to become one of the most popular game designers in the world.   She is in demand, about to make a huge deal and get an enormous amount of money.   The things take a drastic turn and she’s running for her life.   Odd thing is a strange man named Esau keeps showing up when things get bad.   Who is this man and why is he suddenly appearing in her life?


Suspense is the name of the game in THE SUBJECT.   Tyler is the heroine who gets herself into a truckload of trouble and finds herself at the mercy of a very unusual hero.   The sparks that fly between Tyler and Esau are hot enough to cause an inferno and there is danger around every corner.   Amber Green has done an excellent job of blending erotic romance with a suspenseful plot that will keep the reader turning the pages.


A Woman’s Pleasure by Charlotte Featherstone

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


Isabella is tired of the confining rules that lead a Victorian woman’s life.   She has done everything she is supposed to do, but finds her life is empty and meaningless.   The one bright spot in her life is her dreams about Julian who is a most unsuitable man according to the gossiping public.   Can he introduce Isabella to the sensual woman that lurks beneath her surface?


Take a trip to the past and emerge yourself in the lush Victorian era with A WOMAN’S PLEASURE.   Isabella is the perfect women, always doing what she is supposed and being the very image of what a proper woman is.   Her courage to go out and find the passion that she wants is admirable and will have readers cheering for her.   Julian is very sensual and his reputation is well deserved.   He leads Isabella on a passionate adventure into her own desires.   Charlotte Featherstone is a magnificent author who has captured the very essence of the Victorian age.


Stasis by Leigh Wyndfield

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


Morgann never expect that she will be in control of the man who commands her.   However, that is exactly what happens when Osborn gets drugged with a powerful substance called stasis.   Now he is a living statue and will stay that way for ten long days.   Morgann has been assigned to take care of him for the length of his confinement.   Will she find herself wanting to do more than just care for his basic needs?


STASIS takes us on a whirlwind ride into the future and one woman’s battle with herself.   Morgann and Osborn are one of the hottest couples I have ever read about and will certainly leave you sweating.   The plot is unusual and very different and only an author like Leigh Wyndfield can pull it off so grandly.   The sensual tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife.   Readers will immerse themselves in this futuristic tale and find themselves looking for more of Leigh Wyndfield work.


The Surrender by Dominique Sinclair

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5


Madeline is an undercover agent who has gotten into some deep trouble.   When she is sent to infiltrate Sebastian’s life she knows the danger she faces if her cover is blown.   Sebastian wants Madeline with a passion that can’t be denied and she must either give in the to desire or risk being found out.   Will Madeline blow more than her cover when she becomes sensually involved with Sebastian?


It you love mystery and suspense then you have to read THE SURRENDER.   Madeline is an awesome heroine with a kick butt attitude and plenty of spunk the hook the reader.   Sebastian is the mystery in the story and you just know that something exciting is going to happen.   There are twists and turns around every page and the reader will find themselves eagerly reading to see what will happen next.   Dominique Sinclair is a great writer and this story will keep the readers coming back for more of her interesting tales.



SECRETS VOLUME 20: SURRENDER TO PLEASURE takes the reader on an emotional roller coaster.   From the drawing rooms of Victorian times to today’s video game scene and mafia underworld and finally topped off by a futuristic adventure, this book has something for everyone.   Once again four hot authors have combined to come up with tales of the unknown and romanced their way into the readers hearts.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Angel

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