Red Sash
By Devilish Duchess
Jan 1, 2005 - 10:53:00 AM

Aggie Oliver had been heavy for as long as she could remember and longs to be thin.  When Aggie has dreams of a gorgeous man making love to her, she thinks she is ready to be hauled off to the loony bin.  Even though Aggie knows she is dreaming, there is something about her lover that suggests he may be real.  Aggie feels no man would want her because of how she looks.  Her infatuation with her dream man becomes the motivation she needs to go on a diet.

As Aggie falls deeper and deeper in love with her dream man, she thinks she is losing her mind and decides to get help from a hypnotist to help her sort out what her dreams mean.  Does Aggie’s dream man truly exist out there somewhere?  If so, will she ever find the real thing?  Or is dieting driving Aggie so crazy that it has her dreaming up a man to make up for the lack of one in her life? 


RED SASH by Ginger Simpson was so captivating I could not stop until I had finished the entire book.  Because I am a full-figured woman like Aggie, I could easily relate to her.  Ms. Simpson’s characters are written so realistically I felt all of Aggie’s joys and pains as if I was part of her.  There seems to be a hint of a sequel in the works and I am hoping that Ms. Simpson has more of Aggie’s story to share with us readers; as I can hardly wait to read it and find out what happens with Aggie and her dream man.  I also hope to see Ms. Simpson write more stories about full-figured women, because all women no matter what shape or size deserve romance in their lives.

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