Redemption At Mirabelle
By Michele Rioli
Oct 19, 2011 - 3:33:44 PM

What do you do when life throws lemons at you? Make lemonade! That is what Marin’s mom would say. Marin Camden, a beautiful high-profile executive, just quit her job at a Wall Street office after finding out that the company is being inspected for a breach of ethics. She also finds out that same day her fiancé, make that ex-fiancé, is doing the hanky-panky behind her back! What a slime ball! Oh brother, now what is she supposed to do? She heads off to tranquil Mirabelle Island with her mom, Angelica, to lie around and figure out her life. Moreover, she wants to reconnect with her sister and her family. Marin is a very headstrong lady and does not want kids, since her career and her fiancé used to be her life. Her future stretches out before her, and she wonders what the next phase in her life will entail. Maybe it will become clear after she settles in on Mirabelle Island.  

Adam Harding, a widowed man and confirmed bachelor, is currently looking for a new nanny to watch after his kids while he works. He sadly lost his beautiful wife to a horrific death, and the kid’s nanny is leaving to take care of her sick elderly mom. He will manage, somehow, just like they always have. He owns a company that restores towns after natural disasters hit. His company is slowly reconstructing Mirabelle Island after a vicious tornado swept through and tore the town apart. As soon as he wraps up this job, he is moving onto the next place needing restoration. His kids really like Mirabelle, but they will learn to love the next town also. The essence of the town is still intact, but many of the buildings are demolished. Adam’s soul has taken quite a beating lately. He is stoically holding up for the sake of his kids, but at what price to his guarded heart?


Marin moves into the rental house next to Adam’s place. Life steps in and intertwines their lives in more ways than just one. In addition, Marin’s mother throws a monkey wrench in Marin’s plans in many ways. Everyone knows how mothers like to meddle in their daughter’s lives. Just great! Marin does not want to think about men, her career or kids. She just wants to relax and recover. Is that too much to ask?


However, when Marin and Adam meet, which is often since they live so close together, sparks of attraction are zinging all over the place! Life is about to become very complicated indeed!


REDEMPTION AT MIRABELLE, the last book in the MIRABELLE series, is a beautiful story that is honestly told from the heart. Marin Camden just recently quit her job over ethics disputes and left her fiancé because of his philandering ways, breaking her heart into a million pieces. Marin and her mom leave for Mirabelle Island to seek solace. Marin meets a very handsome widowed man, named Adam Harding, who has two adorable kids, and they live right next door to her rental place! Oh no, kids! Marin is an anti-kid type of lady. It is very amusing how Marin does her best to avoid Adam and his kids. Ms. Brenna also does an excellent job of portraying Adam’s sorrow, guilt and denial over losing his wife. I really felt his pain, as his life is spilled out in the pages about his wife’s tragic death and how it affects him. There is much to discover in this beautifully told story of love’s loss and rediscovery. Your heart may never be the same after reading this book, because I was moved to tears a couple of times. There is a beautiful ebb and flow feel to the novel, as the author carries the reader along in the lives of the residents of Mirabelle Island, along with the patch up of Adam and Marin’s lives as well. REDEMPTION AT MIRABELLE is like a fine wine, smooth, mellow and bittersweet.

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