By Dottie
Dec 16, 2008 - 6:57:26 PM

Hope is five months pregnant and unwed, conditions that make it impossible for her to continue her employment as a teacher at a Catholic school due to a morality clause, so she loses her job.  The father of her baby wanted her to have an abortion.  He is an aspiring politician and wants no part of marriage and a baby.  Her mother died of cancer when she was younger, but she is very close to her father who was overjoyed to find that he is going to be a grandfather.  Unfortunately, her father’s career as an advisor was destroyed when his clients Bradley and Suzanne Carmichael were found guilty of treason and selling arms to the Saudis.

John Callahan is trying hard to get his life back.  He was working for Suzanne Carmichael, but he knew nothing about the illegal sale of arms.  He thought he was helping America.  So he felt surprised and betrayed when she turned him over to Garcia, the vicious man to whom she sold the arms, as a scapegoat to save face with authorities.  Garcia took delight in torturing him daily, for which John still carries the scars today.  However, one of his worse nightmares is due to a young cook Angelina, who was tortured and killed because of the kindness and care she showed him.


Going to visit her father for the Christmas holidays, Hope found her father dying and bleeding profusely.  His last words to her were ‘go to Callahan.’  Though she did not see anyone else, she knew someone was in the house, so grabbing John Callahan’s card from the rolodex, she ran.  She drove to Tennessee to try to locate John Callahan, who she did not even know.  With the steep hills and the snowstorm, in addition to having no idea where she was going, Hope flipped the car and she is knocked out. 


John was at his wit’s end; tired of the memories, nightmares and trying to get his life back.  He was about to end it all when he saw the flash of the car flipping and ran to help.  He took her inside his house and put her to bed, but when she awoke, she had no idea who she was; she had lost her memory.  John was suspicious of the story, especially knowing that three days prior Suzanne Carmichael broke out of jail and his visitor has no purse, no ID, no luggage and a fistful of cash.  According to her, she only keeps hearing the words ‘go to Callahan.’  However, he still keeps trying to help her.  As they spend time together, they grow closer and help each other with their nightmares.  Nevertheless, Hope needs to get her memory back before she and John end up like her father.


REDEMPTION is an edge of your seat; thrill a minute, romantic suspense.  John and Hope work together to overcome their nightmares and find a new life with each other.  Ideally suited, the characters are so well developed that by the time you finish reading this story, you feel you know them.  Readers can feel the despair and panic that Hope must have felt out in the blizzard, lost in a snowstorm and five months pregnant.  Brimming with intrigue, mystery, steamy, yet tender love scenes and an adventurous plot, I found it impossible to put it down until I was finished reading it.  REDEMPTION is one roller coaster ride of an adventure you won’t want to miss!

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