Redesigning Adele
By Natasha Smith
Feb 15, 2009 - 10:28:00 AM

Adele has loved her best friends Max and Leo for years.  Seeing them together and the love they share for each other makes her feel like the consummate third wheel.  She has finally decided that they are off limits and adjusts her heart accordingly.  That is until Max and Leo begin flirting with her.  She knows they love each other and does not understand why they would be doing this to her.  She has a dinner party to attend at their house tonight – she will find out then, she hopes.

Max and Leo love each other unconditionally.  The more love they have for each other, the more they feel that Adele needs to be a permanent part of their lives.  Each man loves her in his own way and now they are ready to make her their third and complete their family.  They both know that asking Adele to make this lifestyle change will be tough on her – her family is not the most tolerant.  It will take a lot of love and patience for Adele to accept them, or so they think.  They have no idea that their request is a dream come true to the woman they love.


REDESIGNING ADELE is not about changing Adele’s appearance, but about changing her life.  Max and Leo knew she was attracted to them, they did not realize how much she loved them.  Every emotion and touch in their love scenes was passionate and sexy.  Max and Leo loved each other but there was just something about the way they loved Adele that grabbed my heart.  Hands down REDESIGNING ADELE will make you blush and stutter.  Grab a copy from Loose Id.  You’ll be glad you did!

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