Redial 1-800-SEX4YOU
By Dina Smith
Aug 3, 2005 - 4:22:00 AM

1-800-SEX4YOU is the perfect place to go for a totally anonymous, completely safe, one night stand. In the first book to this hilarious series we met Arissa and Derek who are now engaged to be married soon. We also met Arissa's friend Drae who is the very friend that forced Arissa to call 1-800-SEX4YOU. Now the tables have turned and Arissa is the one forcing Drae to make the call because Arissa refuses to have a depressed maid of honor helping plan her wedding.

Drae Davidson has hit a dry spot in her love life and Arissa was determined to see that it improved. Drae figured she better either go along with Arissa's plan or kill her best friend since Arissa had a great bathroom she figured her best option was to just go and get it over with. Of course 'getting it over with' was the last thing Drae wanted once she saw that gorgeous, tan, muscular body sitting on the bed with nothing but a black hood on.

It has been three years since Kevin's wife Tara died and since that time he has thrown himself into taking care of his daughter and work. With his thirtieth birthday coming up Kevin's friend Jennifer decided it was time for Kevin to get out and have a little fun so she gave him a little present; a night at 1-800-SEX4YOU.

Get ready for a hilarious story as you hear Kevin and Drae tell you their own version of what happened during their special night at

1-800-SEX4YOU. Even though their stories don't always match, these two would both agree on one thing; it was a night that they will never forget.

Like Kevin and Drae, REDIAL 1800-SEX4YOU is a story I will never forget. The whole story held my complete attention; it was sweet, entertaining, and hot enough to singe the pages it is written on. REDIAL 1-800-SEX4YOU is a definite must read for all erotica romance fans, you won't be disappointed.

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