Redneck Cinderella

Author: LuAnn McLane

Publisher: Signet

Release Date: March, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Jolie Russell and her father live on a piece of farm land that has become very attractive to local developers.  When they’re made an obscenely lucrative offer for their land, they jump at the opportunity for an easier life and move to a ritzy, exclusive new neighborhood where hard, physical work and old pick up trucks are frowned upon. While Jolie wants to be a well-liked, pleasant neighbor, she’s often left floundering by neighbors who’ve repeatedly turned their noses up at her and her father.  Before long, her confusion is multiplied as she’s pursued by the very successful, very gorgeous, and much desired Cody Dean. Jolie doesn’t want to lose sight of who she really is, but realizes that she and her father need some polish if they’re ever going to fit in.  She eventually hires a local single teacher to coach her and her father in the ways of proper etiquette.  It turns out that Jolie’s father can offer the teacher some lessons in the simple life and before long the social graces that she’s so well-versed in don’t seem nearly as important

High dollar developer Cody Dean finds Jolie fascinating, beautiful and amusing, but he doesn’t immediately understand the appeal of the unassuming simplicity of her life before or how she could possibly miss it.  He knows that others in his social circle think she and her father are unsophisticated, but the more he’s around her the less he cares about what others think and he wants the kind and caring Jolie for himself, just as she is.


REDNECK CINDERELLA is written first person, a style that LuAnn McLane has proven herself very competent in.  Jolie and her father are definitely simple southern folks, but they’re adorable and don’t come off as being simpletons.  Cody Dean and his family are the upper crust of society, but Cody’s opinion of what’s important and what’s good and what isn’t is quickly altered after spending time with the infectious Jolie and her father. REDNECK CINDERELLA is a comfortable, easy read.  It’s a lighthearted look at a young woman who finds herself outside her comfort zone, looking in at the strange new world she’s now a part of.  Secondary romances and a charming basset hound round out an entirely likable cast of characters.  I give LuAnn McLane’s REDNECK CINDERELLA a high recommendation to all readers who enjoy romantic comedy.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Laurie

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