Reflecting Jesyca

Author: Reese Gabriel

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: December 9, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5 Blue Ribbons

Format: E-book

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Mark Bristol has returned home. This time he intends to stay and convince Jesyca that she’s the woman for him – permanently. Jesyca isn’t so sure.

Mark Bristol hangs up his spurs and saddles and leaves the rodeo. It’s time to settle down. Each fall and broken bone takes longer and longer to heal. His world now will be Jesyca – if he can convince her that his stay is permanent with her as his wife.


If Mark thinks his plans are going to go his way, he has another think coming when he shares his visions with Jesyca. She doesn’t intend to let him reel her in and then leave her high and dry as usual.


Mark doesn’t push to make love to her this time. A kiss will suffice until he’s ready to show her what else he has in store. Oh, and he gifts her with what looks like a pocket mirror. The problem is, every time she opens it, she sees Mark’s photo and he’s wearing a suit and string tie. When she shows it to her friend Crissy, she sees her own reflection. What is Mark really up to, Jes wonders.


Mark buys the Last Mile Honky Tonk where Jes and Crissy work. Jes isn’t happy at all about this and leaves town for a while.


Two weeks on the beach should be wonderful, especially with men at her beck and call if she so desires. The one time she decides to accept an invitation, she realizes that there’s no one for her except Mark.


Jesyca arrives home on Christmas Eve to find traffic in her little town at a stand still. She gives the cab driver a bonus and begins to walk home. Crissy spies her and takes her to Last Mile. Only the Last Mile is now Charlie’s Place. Mark’s had the place renovated to honor Jes’s brother Charlie who died in a motorcycle accident.


What happens next will make you reach for the tissues. Reese Gabriel has a way with his writing that can really touch your soul. This is one of those times. Jesyca is a woman all alone and living her life one day at a time. Nothing has changed in her life since her brother died. Mark’s life has become something he no longer likes. Home and one particular woman call to him.


Is it possible for two weary souls to heal and become one? What if you throw in a little magic, say a mirror that shows you what’s ahead in your life if you accept it?


REFLECTING JESYCA was originally published in the HOLIDAY REFLECTIONS anthology several years ago at Ellora’s Cave. If you read the story then, you’ll certainly want to reacquaint yourself with these two characters. Besides, you’ll love her best friend, Crissy, all over again. Give yourself a holiday treat and go buy this one. Settle down with a nice cup of hot chocolate and be prepared for a wonderful evening.


This story is still a keeper and one for the re-read shelf.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Nickie Langdon

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