Reforming the Cowboy - A South Beach Book
By Chris Mead
Sep 23, 2013 - 8:00:00 AM

Billy Hardy used to be a country super-star until things spiraled out of control and he ended up punching a record executive in the jaw, which resulted in him getting tossed in jail for assault.  After a ten year hiatus, Billy is looking to make a comeback.  His first gig is singing at a café opening where he meets the owner, Lacey Durant, who catches his attention right away.

Lacey hired her college crush for her grand opening with the hope that he would help to generate more customers.  It is a win-win situation for both of them.  Lacey cannot deny that Billy still makes her heart go pitter-patter.  When Lacey finds out that Billy is having a hard time composing new songs because it is too noisy at the hotel where he is staying, she invites him to come and reside at her apartment.

It is not long before the attraction between Billy and Lacey reaches the boiling point.  The next thing they both know, they are unable to keep their hands off each other.  However, Billy’s manager wants him to head back to Tennessee, and Lacey is not thrilled to find herself in a long distance relationship.  Can these two find a way to keep the romance alive?

Lacey is a spunky character who dresses in short skirts and cowboy boots.  She has had a crush on Billy since her college days when she proudly displayed a poster of him on her bedroom wall.  Lacey falls hard and fast for Billy; the romance and sex scenes are super hot between them.  

Billy is a down to earth cowboy.  He has not been able to inscribe any new songs for the last ten years, but Lacey has a positive effect on him that helps him start writing again.  My favorite part of the story is when Billy composes a song just for Lacey, and then he performs it in front of a live crowd.  I loved the fact that Billy seems ready to settle down, and he is willing to give up traveling in order to make a relationship with Lacey work.

REFORMING THE COWBOY is sure to put a smile on your face and make your heart sing.  Marisa Cleveland writes touching song lyrics as well as a heart-throbbing romance.  Her characters are well fleshed out and her storylines are refreshing and upbeat.  I highly recommend that you get a copy of REFORMING THE COWBOY to read right away!

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