Jane Porter Series, Book 3 – Reinventing Jane Porter
By Chrissy Dionne
May 10, 2009 - 2:30:17 PM

After her weekend of hedonistic sex with the most exciting men she’s ever met coming to an end, Jane is looking forward to the final event – a masquerade ball.  She’s a little concerned about how the evening will turn out since she’s aware that her ex, Peter, will be present.  There’s a sense of pleasure in the knowledge that she hasn’t let Peter’s betrayal destroy her.

Antonio and Santos have thoroughly enjoyed the time they’ve spent with Jane.  They’ve shared women before but Jane’s the first one who’s really brought out the possessive and protective instincts in both of them.  The men are stunned to learn about Jane’s previous relationship with Peter and how long she’d been deceived. 


After learning about Jane’s ex’s disrespectful proposition and abusive behavior Antonio and Santos vow that they will pay Peter back for hurting their woman.  Jane simply wants to get on with her life now and forget that the relationship with Peter ever happened.  Besides why worry about the ex-jerk when she has the evening’s activities to look forward to – and Antonio and Santos definitely know exactly how to get her juices flowing.


While Jane’s dealing with her men and preparing for the masquerade ball, her best friend Lily has a bit of drama of her own unfolding.  She and Jean Jacques have reached a stalemate in their relationship and he’s openly flirting with a bevy of blonde bimbos.  She’s insanely jealous but letting it show would be intolerable.  Fortunately Lily has a special friend who is more than willing to help her elicit a reaction from Jean Jacques – and even if he doesn’t react well, Jane will have at least scratched an itch.


REINVENTING JANE PORTER is the third book in Dominique Adair’s JANE PORTER SERIES. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed getting to know each of the characters in this series and loved the sexual freedom that is such a prevalent theme throughout each individual story.  Jane’s relationship with

Antonio and Santos could easily be just three individuals indulging in their sexual desires but it’s apparent that their feelings go much deeper than they’d expected.  Lily and Jean Jacques’s heated encounters really got my heart pounding and definitely kept me in anticipation of each new scene.  In REINVENTING JANE PORTER we’re treated to more of the characters we love as well as a couple new ones you’ll love to hate and an additional suspense element that clearly displays the depths of the feelings between the characters.


If you haven’t read the first two stories in the JANE PORTER series I highly suggest doing so before reading this book.  The stories flow from one to the next and compromise everything from that occurs between Jane and her two men as well as Lily and Jean Jacques from the very beginning of the weekend.  The other stories in this series are:




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