Author: Beth Kery

Publisher: Berkley Trade

Release Date: February 2, 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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When a fire destroys her home, Genny Bujold heads to the only home she has left, a penthouse apartment that holds memories she would rather not examine. Unfortunately, the apartment is not unoccupied. In fact, the man Genny wants to avoid is there with another woman, doing things to her he once did to Genny.

When Sean Kennedy realizes Genny is at the penthouse, he sends the woman off. Sean is shocked to see Genny but he will not let this opportunity pass him by. Ever since her husband’s murder, Genny has avoided him. Well, not any longer if Sean has anything to say about it. He knows she regrets the night they shared together, the night they shared with her husband, but Sean has never been able to get Genny out of his heart and he will grab this second chance with all he has.

Will Genny be safe with Sean? Will her heart survive him a second time around? And will she physically survive the person who is out to remove her, permanently?

RELEASE is trademark Beth Kery hot! Sean is incredibly sexy, incredibly passionate and his desire for Genny is all-consuming. He is not a saint however. He has some special training which makes him deadly in many ways, but he is protective and loving with Genny. He is a character with many sides that come out at different points in the story. As for Genny, she is very insecure. She is not sure what to make of Sean’s feelings. After their night together, she lost much of the confidence that made her who she is. She is slowly regaining that but it is a hard battle. Add in danger and her life is set to spark a conflagration of emotions. Theirs is not an easy relationship by any means but Sean is not going to give up, little does Genny realize.

RELEASE is smoking hot. It is that simple. Good story, strong characters and spicy and sizzling passion. Beth Kery’s talent is boundless.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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