Release Me
By Tracy Marsac
Oct 2, 2006 - 1:00:00 PM

Sommer Daniels has decided to take matters into her own hands…literally.  It seems the men she’s dated recently aren’t quite doing it for her and while the battery operated toy she purchased does the trick, Sommer still yearns for the one man that will finally rock her world.  Her luck is about to change.  She’s in the middle of a project with a looming deadline and the last thing she needs is a malfunctioning computer.  Sommer’s mouth waters when she catches a glimpse of the hunk that’s come to fix her problem.  Her overwhelming attraction to Ted burns out of control and, seeing that the lust is mutual, Sommer doesn’t hesitate to put her desk to excellent use.  Her naughty behavior is definitely out of the norm and has her questioning the wisdom of pursuing a relationship with Ted, no matter how good he is with his hands.    

One minute Ted was cursing his employee’s name, the next he was thanking his lucky stars he was the one to answer Ms. Daniels’ service call.  When she mistakes him for a simple tech, Ted doesn’t correct her misunderstanding.  For once he’s in an affair and doesn’t have to wonder if the woman is only after his money.  Each sexual encounter gets more intense, more satisfying, and definitely more emotional.  He finds himself in uncharted territory and doesn’t quite know how to tell Sommer his feelings run deeper than the physical. 


Both Ted and Sommer are caught unaware by their fierce attraction and the situation makes for a very hot, interesting beginning for their relationship in Karen Erickson’s RELEASE ME!  Ted’s little white lie started out innocent enough but could spell disaster if Sommer can’t forgive him. A scorching novella that will leave plenty of readers hungry for Erickson’s next release!

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