Reluctant Housemates: Pilgrim Cove Series
By Sherri Myers
Feb 1, 2005 - 10:39:00 AM

Rachel Goodman didn't do well in high school, so as soon as she graduated she was out of there. Determined never to return to Pilgrim Cove, she moved from Massachusetts to Kansas to start over where no one knew anything about her. But when a tornado levels the high school where Rachel worked as assistant principal, she moves back to Pilgrim Cove when she learns of a job opening there. Rachel accepts the position and moves into Sea View House, a rental home with a knack for matchmaking its residents.

Jack Levine is a marine researcher studying the waters of Pilgrim Cove and teaching at the high school. He is intrigued by his boss at the school, Rachel Goodman, and is even more interested when he learns she is renting the other half of Sea View House where he has just moved in. Haunted by his best friend's drowning death, Jack is trying to live life for both of them, but it has become quite an effort. He has finally decided it's time to let go of the past and live for today. Can the person to share his life with be the one most determined not to fall in love with him? Will Sea View House get these two to fall in love like the past two couples who lived there?

Linda Barrett has written the third installment of her Pilgrim Cove Series, and I must say each visit to Pilgrim Cove has me yearning to return. While RELUCTANT HOUSEMATES is a stand-alone novel, I highly recommend the reader start with the first book and go from there. This book brings back the beloved ROMEOs and some of the original characters from the first two books, and introduces us to new ones who may very well appear again in later books in this series. Linda Barrett has her fans begging for more, and they will be happy to know there is a fourth book on the way called THE DAUGHTER HE NEVER KNEW, coming in July, 2005. I await its arrival with eager anticipation.

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