Reluctant Muse

Author: Anne Vremont

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: October 17, 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5 blue ribbons

Format: EBOOK

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Bryce’s life was neat, orderly and completely boring - until now. What should be a normal Friday evening for Bryce ends up as the beginning of the most bizarre weekend of her life. She has a paper due on Monday. Her graduate degree hangs in the balance and she has no idea what to write. The last thing she expects is a woman dressed like a hooker to show up at her door. The woman's name is Percy and she claims to be a muse and insists that Bryce take her over her muse duties for the weekend so that Percy can take a vacation.

Bryce has no doubt in her mind that this muse person has made a horrible mistake. After all, she refers to her as ‘Bryce the Beautiful’ and there’s no way anyone could mistake her plus-size figure as one that's beautiful. The muse-gone-wrong isn’t listening to her protests Bryce quickly finds herself wearing a toga and amulets that play havoc with her senses. In her struggle to be rid of the toga and amulets and return to sanity, Bryce ends up falling through the shrubbery and finds herself completely naked on the neighbor’s patio, a man she’s been salivating over for months. It’s just too mortifying for words.

Bryce has never exchanged more than a few words of greeting with her neighbor. She only knows him as G. Diaz because that’s what’s printed on his mailbox. However being naked on his patio requires knowing his first name which he informs her is Walt. What she doesn’t know is that Walt has been fantasizing about her ever since he moved into the apartment building. He’s dreamed of painting her sans clothing for months and now here she is as he’s envisioned her. There’s no way he’s going to pass up this opportunity to get to know her much better.

Ann Vremont will charm readers with this delightful tale of an inspirational muse gone wrong. Readers will find it easy to empathize with Bryce. She’s a full-figured gal who is very self-conscious and uncomfortable in public situations. Walt is a man any woman could love. He’s sensitive to Bryce’s feelings, absolutely adores everything about her, and he’s an artist who's very talented with his hands. They make a perfect couple, but Bryce is under the belief that any interest Walt has in her is only because of the muse’s deputizing her and the ‘fantasy’ will all come to a crashing halt on Monday. I thoroughly enjoyed losing myself in this storyline and loved the way Percy keeps reappearing to ensure Bryce doesn’t abandon her ‘muse duties.’

Ms. Vremont’s next novel SACRED HEART DIARIES will be released through Samhain Publishing on January 23, 2007.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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