Reluctantly Royal (Suddenly #3)

Author: Nichole Chase

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: August 26, 2014

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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RELUCTANTLY ROYAL (ROYAL SERIES #3) is a contemporary romance set in England and Lilaria with down to earth royalty whom still have duties they must uphold.  Lady Meredith and her young son, Marty, must return to Lilaria for unpleasant reasons leaving their life in England up in the air.

Chase's RELUCTANTLY ROYAL had immediate chemistry between Prince Max and Lady Meredith when he is sent to give her bad news in person.  They have previously met but were still awkward with each other.  Her son, Marty, kept things interesting and helped smoothed the way.  Once Max escorts them to Lilaria, it's one thing after another that causes Meredith despair. Max is always there with a touch, a kind word, a suggestion or to keep Marty occupied so he doesn't worry about all that's going on around him regarding his greatgrandfather's death.  It was nice to see how Max and his siblings, Alex, the future king, and his wife Sam, and Cathy and her significant other, David, interact.  They did their royal duties when they had to but otherwise they interacted like a normal family.  Meredith and Marty felt comfortable with them right away even living with them in their family home especially given what her own home life was like.  Their family dynamics are totally different. Her dad is a drunkard who seems to hate both his daughter and his grandson and doesn't have a kind word for anyone.  When things don't go his way it's even worse.

There were family and friends, royalty plus their servants and assistants who were so much more. There was death, duty, pomp and circumstance, video games, outdoor games, sports and singing.  Emotions ran from sadness, tears, anger, hate, laughter, happiness, loving, burn up the sheet moments but also tender moments and love.  Meredith not having much love in her life is blown away by the unconditional love and support shown by Max's family.  Max is finding his true self by helping Meredith and Marty and even her dad, Arthur, deal with their emotions and all they have to do to cope with the aftereffects of her beloved grandfather's death.  There isn't a lot of depth to the characters or story, but I enjoyed her writing style which had an easier flow and lightheartedness than I expected when bad things weren't happening .  There is nice closure especially with the epilogue and a happily ever after in the offing.

Lacey is a new to me author but I will be back, not only to read the first two books in this series, SUDDENLY ROYAL and RECKLESSLY ROYAL, respectively, but also other romances that she writes.  There was enough background information given on the characters that I didn't feel lost or that I was missing information.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jo

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