Remember Me
By Sherri Myers
Nov 1, 2005 - 11:41:00 PM

In the sixties, Sam Tibbitts was a young boy when his family first started vacationing in Piddock Beach, a place where he met and fell in love with a young local girl. After many summers spent at Piddock Beach, Sam, now seventeen, decided he wanted Aubrey to be his wife, and headed back to Piddock Beach to propose. However, when he finally got there hours later, she and her father were gone. The neighbor had no idea where they'd gone, and without any way of tracing her, the only thing to do was move on with his life.

Years later and still single, Sam is now pastoring his own church. He thought he had understood God's calling for his life, but amidst much dissension on the direction the church should go, Sam has begun questioning if he could possibly have misunderstood. When the church board recommends that he take a vacation, Sam decides to head back to his childhood vacation spot at Piddock Beach to reflect on his future.

A short time after his arrival, Sam is astounded to find Aubrey is also back in Piddock Beach, just two doors down, and alone. She is dealing with her own personal issues, and has also come to Piddock Beach to sort them out before making decisions about her future. Has God sent them both there to recapture the love of their past...or to finally lay it to rest forever?

REMEMBER ME is one of those books you just do not want to put down! I read this entire book in one day, neglecting my housework because I just could not stop reading. I was simply not going to be satisfied until I knew how this story ended, and it didn't disappoint me. REMEMBER ME is an emotionally gripping novel that quickly sets its tenterhooks in your heart. It makes you think about circumstances and decisions from your own past that might have caused your life to be different now had they occurred or been changed. "What might have been" is a bittersweet saying that definitely pertains to this novel, and the reader can see the hand of God at play as they read of Sam's journey through life. I highly recommend REMEMBER ME from Deborah Bedford for lovers of inspirational fiction; this is one novel not to be missed.

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