Remember the Alimony
By Leigh
Feb 5, 2007 - 8:41:00 PM

Delaney Davis Daniels, former Miss Texas, has spent her life presenting the perfect image of beauty, charm, and grace.  But her crown and poise couldn’t keep her husband faithful, and she has spent the past year in the midst of a bitter divorce from one of the richest men in the state, J.D. Daniels. 


When her best friend and her sister drag her to a strip club, Delaney impulsively decides to enter the amateur night contest.  Her provocative striptease easily wins, intriguing and arousing the handsome Lucas Church.  Believing Delaney to be a professional stripper, he introduces himself and entices her to perform a private dance exclusively for him. 


Delaney tosses discretion aside - she’s tired of doing what she should instead of what she wants, plus she hasn’t had sex in two years – and agrees to the dance, knowing full well it could lead to more.  It does, and both are surprised at the intensity of the incredible encounter.  The reality of her impetuous actions crashes down on Delaney and she slips away, fully believing she’ll never see the man again.  The following afternoon she’s proven wrong when she discovers that J.D.’s newest divorce lawyer is last night’s lover.


Lucas never expected to be hung up on a woman after only one night.  If he was surprised at Delaney’s disappearing act, it was nothing compared to seeing her in his office the next day and learning she’s the estranged wife of his newest client.  Nevertheless, he can’t seem to keep his hands off of her, even though it could mean facing both disbarment and the loss of J.D.’s considerable business for his law firm.  And when J.D. is murdered and Delaney becomes the prime suspect, Lucas finds himself in deeper than he ever imagined.


REMEMBER THE ALIMONY is a fantastic debut by author Bethany True.  The instant attraction and first encounter between Delaney and Lucas start the book off fast and hot.  The mystery falls in after that, and keeps pace with the lovers.  The friendship and love that build between the couple as they move from a simple physical attraction to knowing and understanding one another was touching, as was Lucas’ instinctive faith in Delaney.  This clever combination of who-done-it and hot romance, served up with humorous antidotes about life in the beauty pageant world, is a treat sure to please both romance and mystery lovers.


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