Remember to Forget: A Clayburn Novel, Book 1
By Sherri Myers
Apr 1, 2007 - 8:38:00 AM

Maggie Anderson was a successful graphic artist until her boyfriend, Kevin Bryson, convinced her to quit her job and move in with him.  She very quickly realized what a horrible mistake she had made when he turned abusive and controlling.  Now nearly two years later, Maggie gets carjacked during one of her ‘booze runs’ for Kevin, giving her a fleeting chance at freedom when she is released unharmed but many miles from the New York apartment she shared with Kevin.


Maggie weaves her way across the country by catching rides with various people, all the while making up stories about whom she is and where she is going.  She finally ends up in a tiny town called Clayton, Kansas, where she decides to hide out for a while.  There she meets handsome Trevor Ashlock, who is running from his own personal demons.


Trevor lost his wife and young son in a traffic accident in which his best friend was the other driver who caused the accident.  In addition to losing his family, Trevor lost his friend too because Jack refuses to forgive himself for what he’s done.  Trevor has since forgiven him but is unable to forget what happened and is merely existing, since his purpose for living is now gone.


When a pretty girl arrives in town and takes a room at the Wren’s Nest, Trevor is shocked to find she stirs something he’s hidden deep within, something he’s hidden for far too long.  He finds himself quite taken by Meg Anders, but will she stick around Clayburn long enough for Trevor to find out why he’s so drawn to her? 


Maggie just might be the person to help Trevor forget to remember the accident for good, but will Maggie REMEMBER TO FORGET what she is running from?  Will she ever tell him who she really is, and what if Kevin discovers where she is hiding?


Wow!  This is one novel that I must remember to recommend to all my friends, wholeheartedly and with high praise.  REMEMBER TO FORGET is sure to win awards for its fantastic storyline, compelling characters, and amazingly realistic writing.  I found myself drawn into reading ‘just one more’ chapter with the short one-line catch phrases that began each chapter and was soon forgetting to remember I had other things I should be doing.  I read the entire novel in one day and was thinking about the characters many times over the course of the next week.  


Deborah Raney is one of those rare authors whose words touch the heart and stir the emotions.  Maggie’s journey into the truth and the realization that she must face her past to move on to her future was uplifting.  The faith element that is present is never pushy, but is clearly there waiting behind the scenes before it finally shines its light on the reader near the end.  A second novel in this series, LEAVING NOVEMBER, is being planned for a March, 2008, release.

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