Rescue Me
By Contessa
Mar 26, 2006 - 6:48:00 PM

Sabrina Daniels has always wanted to be a ranch owner and her dream is about to become a reality when she learns that The Rocking M Ranch in Dreamwater, Oklahoma is in need of an investor. The investing agreement is for her to work alongside the owners for three months so she can learn the ropes of ranching firsthand. Excited beyond belief, Sabrina arrives at the ranch only to discover that one of the owners, Kyle Morgan, is a very rude, unhappy man who hated the idea of someone rescuing him. Not to be out done, Sabrina tackles the daily tasks of ranching and Kyle head on. Soon, Sabrina finds out the reasoning behind Kyle unpleasant behavior. Will Sabrina be able to change Kyle’s rigid exterior before they both miss out on something very special or is she fighting a loosing battle?

RESCUE ME is a charming story that explores passion, deceit, and trust. I took great pleasure in reading this exhilarating novel. The sexual tension between Kyle and Sabrina ignited instantly and remained flaming-hot throughout the entire book. There were times where I wanted to tear into Kyle’s hide because of his detestable ways towards Sabrina; however, he quickly redeemed himself in my eyes. This is one sweet and spicy romance that is sure to please many western genre-type readers. So run, don’t walk to purchase RESCUE ME by Jaci Burton!

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