Rescue Me
By Sarah W
Jun 1, 2012 - 8:00:00 AM

Sadie Jo Hollowell did not hate growing up in Lovett, Texas, but it definitely was not her ideal home. Since leaving for college, she has roamed around, never settling down in one place for too long. When she gets a call from a cousin she barely remembers, inviting her to be part of her wedding, Sadie wants to turn it down but those darn Texas manners will not let her. She heads back to Lovett and to the confusing relationship she has with her father, a rancher through and through, he never quite got the hang of raising a girl on his own once his wife, and Sadie’s mother, passed away. It is going to be a short stay; surely these two can find the time to reconnect?

Vince Haven has been restless since he was honorably discharged from the Navy. He helped his sister raise her son but now, with the boy’s father back in the picture, Vince is at odd ends again. When his Aunt Luraleen invites him to Texas with a business proposition, he takes her up on the offer. When Sadie rescues him from the side of the road, he thinks that will be the last he sees of her, even when she asks him to attend a wedding with her. Little does Vince realize that Sadie Jo is going to be the one woman who is going to stick.

Rachel Gibson has a true talent for bringing places to life and Lovett, Texas, is no different. There are some truly unique characters in Lovett, including Vince’s Aunt Luraleen. It is no wonder Sadie has always felt a bit out of place. With Vince however, she may have just found the person who grounds her. Vince has a strict no relationships policy but he cannot stay away from Sadie. As Sadie’s life in Lovett becomes more complicated due to her father’s health, Vince and Sadie are drawn closer together than ever. Sadie is a sassy character who has a mind of her own and I liked it every time she spoke up against the so-called standards Lovett imposed on her. She may not be married with 2.5 kids yet but that does not mean she is not leading a good life. Vince adds more layers to her life and she does not want to see them end but she is also realistic enough to realize that Vince does not plan on forever. Fortunately, plans (and hearts!) change and Sadie and Vince find a way to make a future possible. Aside from the romance, I really liked exploring Sadie’s relationship with her father, a man who is as solid as the earth, short on speech, and is always a tad befuddled around his daughter.

RESCUE ME is classic Rachel Gibson fun: a snappy heroine, a guy who wants to avoid love at all costs (but then falls hard) and the town that lives and breathes on their developing relationship. Rachel Gibson continues to charm as a writer and I just cannot get enough!

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