Texas Sweethearts - Rescued By A Rancher

Author: Mindy Neff

Publisher: Harlequin American Romance

Release Date: January 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Tracy Lynn Randolph is a member of the high society life of Hope, Texas. She swore that she would be married and have a baby before she was thirty in order to keep a vow she made to her dying mother. Giving up on finding the man of her dreams, Tracy decides to visit a fertility clinic and have a baby on her own.

Overhearing Tracy telling her father, the local judge, about being pregnant and seeing her father’s shocked reaction, Linc Slade steps in and tells her father that he is the baby’s father. When Tracy’s father has a heart attack, Linc performs CPR until the paramedics can get there, and follows Tracy to the hospital. She’s going to need moral support. Little does she know that he will be providing moral support in more ways than one!


Her father, convinced that Linc is the father of her baby, insists that they be married immediately, and he wants to see the certificate! Tracy is surprised that Linc is all for the idea, and ready to marry her at the hospital! Why not, he has had a thing for her since they were in school, where he was the poor son of an alcoholic and she was the unattainable beauty queen. He doesn’t realize that she has always felt the same way about him; only their pride and family circumstances has kept them apart. Will they come to realize that the attraction between them is not just physical but emotional as well?


I was enchanted with Linc and Tracy in RESCUED BY A RANCHER, another of the books in the TEXAS SWEETHEARTS series. They are more than just characters in a story, as they magically come to life and become your friends, neighbors, relatives...and make you wish you lived in Hope Valley yourself! Ms. Neff does a great job of weaving her stories together, yet keeping them separate. I am highly anticipating reading the next book in the series!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Teresa Henson

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