By Chrissy Dionne
Jan 13, 2008 - 3:20:15 AM

Jamie Stratham has no interest in settling in one place.   Over the past ten years he’s wandered from country to country exploring but not once has he felt a connection - something imperative that would drive him to want to stay.   His best friend Gray’s elopement brings him to Los Vegas and even here he has itchy feet and a RESTLESS heart.   He’s just chomping at the bit to hop a plane, train or automobile - until he lays eyes on Christine’s best friend and bridesmaid Rachel.

Rachel Davis is a school teacher in the same small Ohio town where she grew up.   There’s nothing pretentious or fake about her and she sure isn’t about to fall for some globetrotting playboy - especially one as suave and enticing as Jamie - of course everybody knows that ‘what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ so maybe indulging in a little mattress mambo isn’t such a bad idea.  


Standing amongst all the racket and excitement of a Las Vegas casino Jamie spots his dream woman - and she notices him too.   She’s beautiful and curvy in all the right places.   She even smiles in his direction before heading his way.   The last thing he expects is her comment as she passes him by - “Take a picture, bozo.   It’ll last longer.”   Dissed before he’s ever said a word.   Seconds later he learns that his dream woman is Gray’s fianc é ’s best friend Rachel.  


While Jamie’s stunned at her dismissal, there’s something about Rachel’s down-home innocence and spunky persona that calls to him.   They’re both there to witness their best friends’ nuptials but neither had anticipated the sparks that ignite between them.   Rachel may not be worldly but she’s not completely naive either.   She’s got the perfect opportunity to fulfill her sexual fantasies a ‘sexier-than-should-be-legal’ man interested in her and she’s in Vegas.   If she’s going to go a little bit wild then this is the place to do so.   It’s a once in a lifetime experience that she can’t resist - especially not with a man like Jamie.


Oh my!   Nicole Austin certainly fulfilled every one of my expectations and then some with RESTLESS.   After reading the ending to ENOUGH I knew that Jamie and Rachel’s story would be full of fireworks but hadn’t anticipated the thrill I’d get reading about Rachel’s biting comments or the heated flush I’d feel as the sexual tension builds between the characters.   I especially love the roles Christine and Gray play as matchmakers and their protectiveness of Rachel is endearing.   RESTLESS may be a quickie but Ms. Austin certainly didn’t skimp on the emotional impact this story has on its readers.   You’ll laugh, cry, and even sweat but this is one story sure to satisfy.


By the way, while checking out Ms. Austin’s website, I snuck a peek at her upcoming title - TRIP MY SWITCH.   After reading the blurb I do believe it’s going to be a ‘must read’ for BDSM fans.   I’m already looking forward to its release.


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