Restoring Grace
By Kim Atchue-Cusella
Aug 7, 2006 - 6:28:00 PM

Grace Soudley is recently divorced and living in the house that her godmother left her. She has very little income and unless she can get the house fixed it will fall in around her. Her siblings think she should sell the house and split the money with them but Grace loves her home and is unwilling to let go of it

Ellie Summers is an artist who comes upon the residence one day on a drive. She tries to convince Grace to let her paint a picture of the house and they end up talking like old friends. Ellie is pregnant with a boyfriend who is not too happy about being a father. She has made the decision to leave him but has nowhere to stay.


Grace decides that she can take in a lodger to help offset the cost of fixing up the home and Ellie is a perfect candidate. When Grace’s ex-husband’s daughter, Demi, shows up at the door wanting to live with Grace as well, they all decide that is would maybe help the teenager out having a break from her parents. The three women forge a bond that helps each one out emotionally.


Flynn Cormack, shows up at one of Grace’s wine tasting parties, helps out with the handyman-part of the house. He finds some old paintings that can help defray the cost of the renovations of the house if they can be refurbished. Ellie finds Randolph Frazier in the Yellow Pages to help with fixing the paintings, but he seems unwilling at first. Ellie offers to help him clean his studio if he can teach her to do it.


Ms. Fforde writes a beautiful tale that has mystery, romance and friendship. The attachments created between the three women will not only help renovate the house but help each one in their time of emotional need. Grace and Ellie both meet men when they least expect to fall in love. RESTORING GRACE is a poignantly written story that will touch your heart.

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