Always a Marine, Book 2 – Retreat Hell! She Just Got Here (1Night Stand)
By Chrissy Dionne
Aug 1, 2012 - 10:31:34 AM

Gunnery Sergeant Jasmine ‘Jazz’ Winters is undergoing a transformation.  For one outrageous night she’s trading in her dress uniform for all the frills women not engaged in military endeavors endure – painted nails, heels, a dress, makeup, and waxing.  She never would have believed it but her mother signed her up with 1Night Stand dating service and within a week Madame Eve had an evening arranged that will hopefully deliver on her fantasies.


Zach and Logan are best friend as well as brothers-in-arms.  Zach signed them up for Madame Eve’s 1Night Stand services hoping to help bring Logan out of his self-imposed funk following a devastating disfigurement caused by a bomb while in Afghanistan.  Together they relocated to Mike’s Place in Texas, a mental and physical health center dedicated to helping soldiers adjust to life after service – and like the other men there, Zach and Logan signed up for 1Night Stand services but Zach knows that Logan would never go through with it on his own so it’s a good thing he’s not opposed to engaging in a threesome. 


When Jasmine arrives at the predestinated hotel room there’s no sign of her military service.  She’s 100% feminine and enjoying every minute of the experience – even if the toe ring is annoying.  Zach meets her at the door and he’s even more gorgeous than she could have hoped.  Logan, however, tempts her on a completely unexpected level.  His fear of rejection is obvious but what he doesn’t realize is that his scars only accent the man behind them – and Jasmine wants to get to know him, as well as Zach, much better.  Their evening turns out to be everything Jasmine had dreamed of – and a revelation for Zach and Logan.  What happens when the date is over and reality intrudes?  Is a happily-ever-after possible especially when Jasmine has every intention of returning to active duty?


I’m so impressed with Heather Long’s knowledge and compassion for the men and women in uniform and their trouble readjusting to civilian life.  RETREAT HELL! SHE JUST GOT HERE is the second title in the ALWAYS A MARINE series and while it does have its serious moments there’s definitely a fun, flirty attitude to the story that brings a smile to the reader’s face and a sense of hopefulness to your heart.  While this story is about a threesome it’s Jasmine and Logan’s interactions that really captured my attention.  It’s obvious that he desperately needs her acceptance - and her gentle reaction to him seems to be a balm to his self-esteem.  I first discovered this series because of one of the later titles but have since gone back and read all of them – and have found them extremely satisfying and heartwarming.  Ms. Long definitely shows her support of everything the men and women of the armed forces do in the name of freedom throughout this series.



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