Return to Sender
By Dottie
Jul 1, 2010 - 6:31:14 PM

Rosalind ‘Lin’ Townsend had a very abusive childhood, but one weekend, attending a party with a friend, she met Nick Pemberton, a rich guy with whom she thought she was in love.  They saw each other for about a week before she stopped hearing from him.  At the age of seventeen, she discovered that she was pregnant with Nick’s child.  When her father found out, he tossed her out on the street with just the clothes on her back.  Her mother was too afraid of her father to protest his actions.  Needing help and wanting her child to have contact with his father, she started sending him letters with pictures, but every one she sent came back marked ‘return to sender.’  She saved the letters and carried them everywhere with her.  Though she had been tempted to burn them at one time, her best friend Sally talked her out of it, telling her she may need them some day.  However, when her son was twelve, she told him that his father had died.  Lin went to work as a waitress, saving every penny she could and when the owners of the diner wanted to sell it, she arranged a deal with them.  She turned the restaurant around and made a fortune. 


In the meantime, Nick was tricked into marrying Chelsea, a woman from the wrong side of the tracks, whom he did not love.  Though he tried to get out of the marriage, his father would not let him.  His father even put a clause in his will that if Nick divorced Chelsea he would lose his fortune.  However, they cheated on each other and nothing was said.  They did not love each other and all Chelsea wanted was his money.  Each day Nick became more like his father, arrogant and with a sense of entitlement.  But then a doctor’s appointment changed things.  He was advised to see a specialist, an oncologist and hematologist.  Though upset, he had to be a keynote speaker at a dinner that night.  He called Jason Vinery, a private eye, and asked him to check out the oncologist he had to see.  After Jason got the information for him, Nick fired him.


At the age of eighteen, Lin’s son Will, who wanted to be a veterinarian, coincidentally started at the same university where his father had gone in New York City.  That night, Lin and Will had to go to a dinner for the university.  When the keynote speaker was announced, Lin recognized him and, frightened, quickly left the dinner.  She had always taught Will to be honest and tell the truth.  What would he say when he found out she had lied about his father?  However, the lies were only the beginning, as Lin, seeing how Nick had given millions to an orphanage, yet would not provide for his own son, decided to get her revenge.  Now, hiring P.I. Jason Vinery, who is also eager for revenge, she starts on a course that may land her in jail.  What she doesn’t know is that Nick is already suffering from a life threatening disease, and he is weak and sick from the treatment.  He needs to find a bone marrow donor that will match him, and he starts looking for a match at the university.  Is Will about to find out about his father, after all?


Emotion-packed and exciting, RETURN TO SENDER is an unforgettable story.  I absolutely loved this story.  Lin finds love when she least expects it, but will it work out after everything she has done?  Lin also has an ideal support team who stick with her, no matter what.  She was dedicated to her son and worked hard to provide for him, despite the odds that were against her.  Though she came through it beautifully, she still longed for revenge and carried the letters with her wherever she went.  Filled with tears, joy, friendship, love, kidnapping, an originally creative plot, compelling and complex characters, betrayal and intrigue, this book will be remembered long after the last page is read and the book is closed.  RETURN TO SENDER is a welcome addition to my keeper shelf.

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