Return to Summerhouse

Author: Jude Deveraux

Publisher: Pocket

Release Date: June 24, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: PRINT

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Three women, Amy, Faith and Zoe, – strangers to each other and each traumatized in her own way – are sent to a summerhouse in Maine.  Although they are each sent there by their therapist, they are not sure why.  However, the therapist has loaned the house out to people before and it proved successful for them.  She was hoping it would continue to be so for these women.  

Amy’s life seems perfect.  She has a handsome husband who loves her and whom she has loved all her life and she has two healthy sons.  However, a tragedy throws her into a deep depression and nothing seems to help.  In fact, it seems to get worse day by day until she hardly seems to be functioning.


Faith is a widow.  Although she knew her husband all her life, she never knew about his serious health problems until she married him.  Then she spent the rest of his life, taking care of him and being intimidated by his mother under his mother’s roof.  However, her deepest grief is for a young man from several years ago.


Zoe, a talented artist, was in a car crash, which took away her memories.  However, since the accident the people in her hometown hate her for reasons unknown to her.


From their very first night at the summerhouse, Amy starts having bad dreams.  When she wakes up with the physical evidence of the dreams, as if she has actually been there, the women know they must come up with some answers.  During the investigation, they come across Madame Zoya’s business card.  She and her sister Primrose offer each of the women a unique opportunity.  They can each go back into their past to correct a mistake and put their destiny back on track – a one time offer.  However, when it is Amy’s turn, she makes the unusual request of taking her two newfound friends with her – a request for which her two friends will be eternally grateful.  By helping Amy, they discover what is needed to put their own destinies back on track.  Will tampering with their pasts make their lives happier or will it make matters worse?


RETURN TO SUMMERHOUSE, the sequel to THE SUMMERHOUSE is a magical time travel romance.  I absolutely loved every moment of this novel!  These women not only go out of their way to correct a past mistake, but they discover a true friendship in the other two women.  Seeing how just making a few twitches in history makes such drastic changes in present day was astounding.  Do not miss RETURN TO SUMMERHOUSE.  It is truly captivating!


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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