Wayback, Texas – Return to Wayback

Author: Lynda Coker, Mallary Mitchell, Anne Carrole

Publisher: Wild Rose Press

Release Date: April 8, 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Corey has spent twelve years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit.  Now that he’s been released he’s returned to Wayback and fully intends to enact a little payback on the woman whose betrayal has haunted him during his incarceration.  Widow Tiffany Covington had been the love of his life but apparently she hadn’t felt the same since she married soon after his sentencing and not once did she try to contact him.  At least that’s the way he sees things.  How will he feel when Tiffany reveals the truth about what happened and why she never contacted him?


Despite their twelve year separation Cory and Tiffany share a bond that can’t be denied.  Repairing the damage to their relationship won’t be easy – especially since there’s a twelve year old son who doesn’t seem at all ready to accept Cory’s presence in their lives.


Lynda Coker delves into the emotional turmoil faced by this couple torn apart through no fault of their own.   Confusion, anger, hurt and love all combine with stunning results and a few tears.   The way Cory deals with Joey and his defiant behavior kept me smiling and gave me hope for their future.




ROPED AND TIED by Mallary Mitchell

Even though Jericho loves his boss’s daughter, Eden, he’s made the life altering decision to go to work for one of their competitors.  Boyd Walton owns a huge ranch in Waco.  It’s the only way he’ll have the sort of opportunities with the rodeo he desires.  That means leaving Eden behind – and he doesn’t have the heart to tell her about his decision – he just up and leaves.


Four years later, Jericho returns to Wayback to discover some major changes.  Eden has many reasons to resent and even hate him but she’s accepted his decision and moved on with life.  Now that he’s back they have issues that must be dealt with and a few home truths that will stun him.  Is Jericho prepared to accept everything Eden has to offer?


Mallary Mitchell tells a beautiful coming of age story.  Eden’s a very strong woman who’s faced life and never run from her responsibilities.  Jericho thought he was doing the right thing when he left Wayback but years later he’s not so sure.  This story allows readers the opportunity to see the characters grow and mature as they maneuver through life’s experiences.  




RE-RIDE AT THE RODEO by Anne Carrole

Dusty Morgan can appreciate that the rodeo plays a major role in Wayback’s entertainment and economy – doesn’t mean she has to get all starry-eyed just because some good looking rodeo cowboys are in town.  Bronc rider Clay Tanner may have scored big on his last ride but it’ll take more than a fancy belt buckle and smooth talking to impress Dusty.  She’s not interested in hooking up with some good time guy whose entire existence revolves around the rodeo.


Clay’s stunned by Dusty’s outright rejection but that doesn’t deter him – much.  When his friend Jesse’s teasing gets to him Clay bets him that he wouldn’t have any better luck with Dusty than he did.  Dusty may not be Clay’s normal ‘type’ but there’s no denying the all encompassing attraction he feels for her.  Will Dusty get over her aversion to cowboys and give him a chance?  And how will she feel when she learns about Clay and Dusty’s bet?


Humorous and lovingly emotional is the best way to describe Anne Carrole’s RE-RIDE AT THE RODEO.  I could just imagine Clay’s facial expression when Dusty informed him that she’s not interested.  Yes, I know it’s difficult to imagine but once Ms. Carrole delves into Dusty’s background it all makes perfect sense.



RETURN TO WAYBACK consists of three of the WAYBACK stories available through Wild Rose Press.  I’ve come to adore this Texas town and the people who live there through the various stories I’ve read in this series.  Though the stories are not necessarily interconnected they do all revolve around the Wayback community and the rodeo.  In RETURN TO WAYBACK the authors tackle some pretty heavy issues and they do it with such style and foresight that the reader begins to feel like they’ve connected with long lost friends.


This is a wonderful anthology which I’m sure fans of stories involving small towns and rodeos will fully appreciate.  There are of course other WAYBACK titles available and here are the other titles that are available in print. 




By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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