Author: Kimberly Zant

Publisher: New Concepts Publishing

Release Date: February 2006

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Carrie was the wallflower in high school that no one really gave a second look to.  When she gets a letter about her high school reunion, she decides it’s the perfect opportunity to go back and finally get the one man she has always wanted.  She will show him the woman she has become, have a torrid fling, and then go back to her own life and leave him behind.  Of course nothing goes as planned and everything starts to go wrong.

Heath remembers Carrie from high school and is intrigued by the woman that comes back.  She obviously wants to play it cool, but he can see beneath the façade to the woman underneath.  Carrie has a sensual heat just waiting to get out and he wants to be the man who unleashes it.  Problem is, this is a high school reunion and only supposed to last for a few days.  What will happen when the reunion is over and it’s time for Carrie to leave?


REUNION is a great contemporary story with plenty of passion to keep you turning the pages.  Carrie is a woman determined to make her high school fantasies come true with the most popular boy.  Things get wacky when everything goes wrong and nothing goes right.  Heath has transformed into an even sexier man and he isn’t willing to let Carrie hide from her feelings.  The love scenes are full of steam, but maintain a romance that readers will love.  Kimberly Zant weaves a story of finding love when you least expect it and her contemporary tale is sure to please.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Angel

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