Reunion Brides, Book 3 - The CEO's Unexpected Proposal

Author: Karen Rose Smith

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: June 19, 2012

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Mikala Conti’s mother ran off with her lover, leaving her behind, when Mikala was a young girl. She had then been raised by her aunt, but this had been the start of Mikala’s inferiority complex, feeling like she was never good enough. She had had a crush on a boy named Dawson, who had saved her when her date had attacked her on her prom night. Shortly afterwards, Dawson and his family had left town. In college, she finally met someone whom she thought returned her love. But he had left school to follow the woman he claimed to love. Giving up on love, Mikala had gotten her degree and now, fifteen years later, she is well known for her miraculous work as a music therapist. Attending her fifteen year high school reunion, she sees Dawson for the first time in years. However, he attended the reunion for a reason.

In high school, Dawson had intended to ask Mikala to the prom, but she had already been asked by someone else. Then he had come to her rescue when her date attacked her. He would probably have dated her if his parents had not moved away from town and subsequently divorced each other. Dawson had started dating Kelly and when she told him she was pregnant he had married her. But she had died in a car accident two years ago. Their eight-year-old son Luke had been in the car at the time. He had survived but could not remember the events of that night. Since then, he has been acting up at school and at home, not even speaking to his father. Dawson is at his wit’s end, but he has heard of the wonderful work that Mikala has accomplished with her music therapy. With Luke’s love of music, Dawson feels that this is the answer. So he moves them to his hometown, despite Luke’s anger at being separated from his grandfather.

Since Dawson and Luke move into the bed-and-breakfast run by Mikala and her aunt, they see each other often. Their renewed feelings for each other soon erupt into a night of passion. Dealing with the consequences of that night, Mikala is left to wonder if she has a future with the two people she has come to love, or is she doomed to another failure at love?

A heartwarming tale, THE CEO’S UNEXPECTED PROPOSAL, the third book in award-winning, best-selling author Karen Rose Smith’s REUNION BRIDES series, is a touching, contemporary romance that will pluck at your heartstrings. The novels that Karen Rose Smith writes are filled with a lasting warmth that leaves you feeling like you have come home. Her characters seem like people you already know and are happy to see again. These are reasons that Ms. Smith is a constant on my list of must-read authors. Infused with emotion, failed love, death, healing, vivid settings, romance and a second chance at light, this story is unforgettable. This series, set in the fictional town of Miners Bluff in northern Arizona, revolves around the love that touches the couples who are reunited at a high school reunion there. Each story stands on its own, but for additional enjoyment, do not miss the first two novels in this series; ONCE UPON A GROOM and HIS DAUGHTER…THEIR CHILD. The fourth novel in this series, RILEY’S BABY BOY is due out next month. In the meantime, do not miss THE CEO’S UNEXPECTED PROPOSAL. I highly recommend it!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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