Reunited: Marriage in a Million
By Char
Aug 5, 2007 - 2:36:30 AM

Davenport is a woman on top. She is attractive with a wonderful job and a sexy, rich husband, but even with all the pluses in her life she is not happy. When she married Ivo three years ago the plan was for her to have security and Ivo to have her close by; love never entered into their agreement. But Belle has fallen in love with her husband and she knows that she can’t stay with him knowing he will never love her back. While on an assignment Belle meets two other women with similar problems and the three ladies decide to take charge of their lives and take the steps necessary to put their lives in order.

When Belle returns home she tells Ivo she can’t live with their arrangement anymore and that she is moving back to her old apartment to get her life back on track. Belle knows that Ivo won’t be pleased to see her leave, but she also knows that Ivo is way to busy with his company to miss her for long.   So it comes as quite a shock when Ivo keeps showing up at her apartment ready and willing to talk and help her remodel.   Belle and Ivo may be trying to forge a new direction in their marriage, but buried secrets in both their past are getting ready to erupt into the present.   Can Belle and Ivo’s fragile new beginning withstand the trauma of these new revelations or will their old secrets drive them apart forever?


REUNITED: MARRIAGE IN A MILLION by Liz Fielding is a riveting story filled with romance, intrigue, haunting secrets and a powerful love stretched to the breaking point.   I greatly admired Belle for making the difficult decision to break from the relationship that was making her unhappy even though leaving Ivo was really the last thing she wanted to do. Ivo was incredible.   I fell in love with him from the moment he appeared.   He was kind, considerate and I especially liked how he put Belle’s needs before his.   This is a wonderful book and an excellent introduction to the SECRETS WE KEEP trilogy.  

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