Revenge at Mirror Lake
By Sarah W
May 1, 2005 - 3:30:00 AM

When Peyton Holmes receives a mysterious note from her brother, she's befuddled as to what is going on. He probably needs her to bail him out of another mess. She's in for the surprise of her life when she gets to the cabin destination only to discover Steve Pentaudi is in residence. Steve, the man who disappeared from her life fifteen months ago; Steve, the love of her life and the father of their son Sam, the son he has no idea even exists.

Steve has lured Peyton to the cabin in order to get revenge. He's sure she was in on the plan that destroyed his life fifteen months ago, the plan that included the severe beating and torture of his body. Since then, he has become consumed with his plans for revenge on Peyton, the woman who he fell in love with, only to be betrayed. He's sure she knew about the beating her brother planned for him, and he's sure she was seeing someone else on the side. Neither knows that the misconceptions they have had about each other for the past fifteen months are about to be completely blown out of the way.


Steve's plans include using Peyton sexually, to prove that he is still a man. He wants to love her and then leave her. Instead, the weekend of revenge becomes so much more as secrets come out into the open and lies and betrayals are revealed as anything but the truth. But can this weekend heal the breach that exists between Steve and Peyton, or will their love prove unable to withstand the truth?


REVENGE AT MIRROR LAKE is a swift moving tale of lust and revenge. The anger and betrayal Steve feels fairly resonates off the pages of this story, and the reader feels all the hurt and torment Steve experiences as he sees Peyton again. Peyton is an equally strong character who has suffered just as much as Steve. Having to deal with an unloving family her entire life, falling in love became a balm to her wounded soul. Learning that that love was nothing but a lie almost destroyed her, but Ms. Emriche constructs her characters in a way that shows how they grew from these hurts, rather than letting life beat them down. This is a very intense story with a strong romance that enhances the mystery surrounding Steve's torture. While this story may not be for the faint of heart, those who enjoy their romances with more lighthearted, comedic plots, readers who enjoy characters who are driven and survive in the face of endless adversity will really enjoy REVENGE AT MIRROR LAKE.

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