Revving Her Up

Author: Joy Daniels

Publisher: Samhain Publishing

Release Date: January 15, 2013

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: EBOOK

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Sarah Lange is a lawyer in New York City who, due to medical reasons, needs a vacation. She decides the location of her very much needed getaway will be a spa in Virginia. Unfortunately, her car breaks down in the middle of the road in a small southern town known as Rapture. While awaiting the tow truck, she meets Cole Cassidy, a stock car mechanic who stops to help her. Her journey to the spa might have been derailed but she doesn’t know that she is about to embark on another new kind of journey.

Sarah is a city girl and an attorney in New York so country life is not really her scene which is evidenced by the way she dresses, the car she drives, a Porsche, and the way she talks. However, she is there any way for some relaxation which she really needs. She is very unlikable, especially at the beginning of the book. Her attitude seems and sounds condescending and she comes off as too high maintenance and too good for anybody in this town in the middle of nowhere. She’s very rude when she first meets Cole.

Cole Cassidy is a stock car mechanic who stops on the side of the road to lend a hand to Sarah when he sees her stranded. He is a Southern gentleman in every way. When the garage that Sarah’s car is taken to can’t fix it for her in a timely manner, for her convenience he offers to do it though he is very busy. He is very understanding, caring and accommodating and doesn’t hold Sarah’s hangs up and uptightness against her.

Even though Cole and Sarah meet on the side of the road, sparks fly immediately between them though they separate soon after when the help arrives. They soon meet again when Cole is called upon to look at the car.

REVVING HER UP is a novella - one that I truly enjoyed. However, it was really hard to like Sarah, even in light of seeing her frustrations with the car breakdown and the stress from her job. She came off as a snob but she also had certain moments when she surprised me because she was suddenly and unexpectedly really nice. These moments and also the fact that Cole liked her and seemed to see past her attitude to accommodate her as he did, helped me like her a little. The romance between them is also believable and hot though it happens fast. At the beginning, Cole tries to fight his attraction to Sarah because his ex-girlfriend was also a city girl like Sarah and where he came from wasn’t to her liking. But the attraction between Cole and Sarah is strong.

The ending was also fitting with no declarations of love as is typical of most endings in romance novels. Given their two days acquaintance, it felt appropriate and it also managed to convey a HEA regardless.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Rahab M

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