Rewriting Monday

Author: Jodi Thomas

Publisher: Berkley

Release Date: April 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Pepper Malone has been reduced to this – moving to a small town with an even a smaller newspaper.  All it took was one bad decision, and she has had to change her entire life.  Determined to make the best of it, she convinces the good looking editor of the town newspaper to give her a job.  Beggars can’t be choosy, Pepper decides as she quickly becomes aware of the differences between this job and the one she left behind.  She is also intrigued more than she wants to admit, and a lot of her attention can’t help but be focused on her ‘boss’, Mike McCulloch.

Mike McCulloch is a true hero in my book.  His job, his life, and all of his waking moments were changed when his brother and sister-in-law unexpectedly passed away.  Understandably unprepared for the tragedy, Mike is shocked, but he still does his duty – loyal to a fault but dreamy to boot, Mike is exactly who Pepper Malone needs in her life.  Burning out and being falsely accused of giving sexual favors has a way of changing a person – Pepper takes the bull by the horns but doesn’t allow it to run her life.


With a terrific story and two subplots happening at the same time, REWRITING MONDAY is the type of release I have grown to expect from Jodi Thomas.  It was touching, realistic, and well written.  I laughed and cried and breathed a happy sigh when finished.  REWRITING MONDAY is definitely a book to read and savor.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natalie

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