Rich Man’s Fake Fiancée
By Cat Cody
Jun 1, 2008 - 7:01:09 AM

For Ashley Carson, who has always avoided the limelight, falling in love with senatorial candidate Matthew Landis isn’t exactly her brightest move. Getting caught in compromising photographs with him doesn’t help any. Suddenly, she’s “engaged” to her dream man, but only temporarily. How did she get herself into such a mess?

Matthew Landis swore he’d never get married. After his heart was broken by the unexpected death of his college fiancée, he knew he could never go through that pain again. But that didn’t mean he had to live like a monk. Unfortunately, Ashley Carson doesn’t deserve to get lambasted by the press. A fake engagement seems to be the perfect solution. At least at first.


As Ashley and Matthew play the charade for the press and their families, something stronger builds between them. Staged kisses lead to much, much more behind the scenes when no one is watching. But will it be enough to overcome the baggage they’re both carrying?


RICH MAN’S FAKE FIANCÉE is an emotional, sexy story that will send your heart rate through the roof. Ashley and Matthew have so much chemistry, the pages practically spontaneously combust, but the love that they’re both so afraid to risk is the real story. Catherine Mann does an incredible job showing human frailties and the strength of spirit it takes to overcome them. This is one book that you’ll put on your keeper shelf, and with more Landis brothers stories to come, I’m sure it’ll have plenty of company.   

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