Ride A Cowboy

Author: Capri Montgomery

Publisher: Dark Eden Press

Release Date: June 22, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: EBOOK

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Jainie is an advertising agent stranded in the Wilds of South Dakota, trying to get to her client to pitch her ad campaign.   First the airport is hours away from her meeting, and then her rental car dies on the side of the road and she and her friend Marcy have to walk miles, only to end up at a saloon where a cowboy insults her!   Another cowboy, this one sexy and handsome, defends her honor and gets her to her meeting on time.   Now this is a cowboy she would love to ride!   However, she has work to do.   Can Jack inspire Jainie to write a sexy knock-out underwear ad?

Ms. Montgomery creates a fun, sexy, full-of-disaster romance that will have you chuckling with delight.   Her lead characters are bright, realistic and enjoyable.   Jainie is a hard working, honest, appealing character, who recently broke up with her cheating boss.   Jack is typical hero material, strong, polite and gorgeous.   The secondary characters are just as much fun and give depth to the story, including a few you will love to hate.   The story is quick moving and enjoyable and will have you devouring it in one session.   RIDE A COWBOY includes some unexpected twists and turns that add to the excitement.   The romance is steamy and sensual and would not be appropriate for younger readers; you even get a bonus scenario with Marcy, Jainie‚Äôs friend and co-worker.   This was my first outing with this author and I certainly enjoyed it and would be more than happy to read more of her work.  

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sandi Potterton

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