Ride 'Em

Author: Tilly Greene

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: January 11, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Changes occurring in the commune have forced Sunflower Forever Free to leave the only 'home' she's ever known.   Being alone in the real world should be a scary experience but Sunflower chooses to view the experience as an opportunity to obtain a real education and the picket-fence lifestyle which has only been a fantasy to her.

After walking for several days, Sunflower comes across a roadside restaurant she knows instinctively is going to be where her life is changed forever.   Sunflower offers to labor for food.   Rosie and Manuel make her a counter offer she can’t refuse and she's soon working, living and receiving an education as long as she allows them to act as her guardians.  


Ten years later, Sunny is well adjusted, happy, and secure with herself and her sexuality.   In fact she revels in her sexual desires enough that she’s a much beloved member of a select group of people who meet at various barns in the area for barn parties.   It's a time of sexual freedom where she's free to express herself and bask in her submissiveness.  


The rules during these events are very simple - all sexual play is safe, sane and consensual.   And for Sunny unless your name is on a previously submitted play list then no matter how enticing a man might find her, she's off-limits.   During one of these barn dances Sunny receives the distinct honor of trying out a new toy designed for a woman's pleasure.   After she becomes frustrated at not being able to reach the ultimate pleasure she feels a man's hand stroking her back, calming her and telling her to 'not fight the pleasure.'   His attention has the desired effect.  


She'd love to get to know the stranger and from the snippets of his conversation with her friend Ted, he's interested in her too.   All she knows about him is his name - Court, and for some reason that sounds familiar.   It isn't until later on that she realizes that he's Courtland Dickerson, a Hollywood actor who made it big and succumbed to alcohol and drugs.   Clean and sober now, he' s returned to Gardiner where he intends to start a horse breeding business.   After meeting Sunny he's positive that she’s exactly the sort of woman he’s looking for, but are they looking for the same things in a potential lover?   One thing's for certain, they're going to have a great time finding out!


As a fan of cowboy storylines I had a preconceived idea of how RIDE 'EM would read but I wasn't expecting the twists and turns Tilly Greene adds to the storyline and definitely wasn't prepared for the effect of Sunny's open and honest personality.   There’s something so innocent about her, even when she's immersed in sensual activities that you just feel drawn to her.   Court is even sexier than I’d imagined.   He' s retained his down home qualities despite his time in Hollywood.   Tilly Greene does a wonderful job writing stories that captivate readers and RIDE 'EM is a prime example of why so many readers now eagerly anticipate her new releases.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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