Riding Double
By Noelle
Jun 15, 2009 - 8:40:57 AM

Skye Taylor loved to drive men nuts. Especially two men-her friends Trent and Caleb. While she had Trent wrapped around her finger, she never could seem to get Caleb interested, until one night. When Caleb makes a proposition to her, she knows she should refuse, but what girl could resist?

Trent had been in love with Skye for years. Willing to do anything for her, he had defended her in numerous bar fights and other situations she caused. When Skye decided that she needed more then just him, would Trent be able to make that sacrifice for her? Would their love survive it?

Caleb had been secretly in love with Skye for a long time, but he knew that he had to stay in control if he was going to get the relationship he wanted with her. There was no way he was letting Skye walk all over him like she did to Trent.  When he finally gets his chance to approach Skye with his offer, will she accept, or will she walk away? Will their friendship be able to survive?

A beautiful setting and an interesting plot twist help to make RIDING DOUBLE a very entertaining read. The first book in Ms. Adams’ new RIDING SERIES, this book has it all! Two very hot heroes, a feisty, independent heroine, and enough romance to satisfy anyone! Caleb and Trent were very good as the heroes, but I have to confess, I liked Trent a lot more. Caleb was much more reserved, and hid his feelings much better then Trent was able to, which made Trent much more endearing. His willingness to do anything for Skye was wonderful! Skye was a good heroine, but she did have her moments that made you want to smack her. However, she did redeem herself at the end, so that made it all better. All in all, RIDING DOUBLE was a great start to the series, and I can’t wait for the rest of it!

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