Riding Temptation
By Cheryl McInnis
Sep 20, 2008 - 8:05:31 PM

When Jessie Matthews was fifteen, General Grange Lee rescued her from a life on the streets.  He brought her home to raise alongside the group of troubled boys he had also taken in.  Under General Lee’s guidance, this group, nicknamed the Wild Riders due to their mutual love of motorcycles, turned from former thieves and troublemakers to an elite group of undercover agents who work for the U.S. government.  Jessie has been working long and hard, training alongside the guys and waiting for her chance to prove herself on an assignment.  When the opportunity comes to infiltrate a gang of bikers, suspected of selling guns to extremists, Jessie is determined to show the rest of the Wild Riders that she is no longer the kid they all think of as a younger sister.

Diaz Delgado has never been able to think of Jessie as a sister.  He finds the little spitfire way too attractive to see her as a sibling.  Diaz carefully masks his feelings for Jessie from her and his friends.  Because of a dark secret from his past, Diaz feels that he can never give Jessie the future she deserves.  When Jessie is assigned to work with him on a dangerous mission, Diaz is furious.  He’s also scared... scared that Jessie will compromise their mission, scared that she will get hurt, and most of all, scared that he won’t be able to keep his hands off of her.

Jessie and Diaz infiltrate the gang by posing as lovers.  Pretty soon the line between acting and reality begins to blur.  That’s just fine with Jessie.  She’s been waiting for the chance to act on her attraction to Diaz for years and she is not afraid to give it everything she has to get him to agree to a relationship with her, even if it’s only for the duration of their assignment.  When she pulls out all the stops, Diaz is fighting a losing battle and he knows it.  However, with danger around every twist in the road, and when any little slip of the tongue could blow their cover, Jessie and Diaz have only each other to rely on.  Will that be enough to keep them alive long enough to finish the assignment and think about a future together?

RIDING TEMPTATION is the second novel in Jaci Burton’s Wild Riders series and is yet another winner by this prolific and talented author.  This story grabs the reader’s attention from the first page and doesn’t let go until the last.  Jessie and Diaz’s childhoods were both so heartbreaking and yet their capacity for loyalty and love for the rest of the Wild Riders and, ultimately, each other was amazing.  The love scenes between them moved seamlessly from scorching hot and sensual to loving and tender.  This is a couple that the reader really wants to see have a happily ever after.  RIDING TEMPTATION is a fantastic novel.  I truly enjoyed reading every page and cannot wait until RIDING ON INSTINCT, Spencer’s story, is released.

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