Riding The Line
By Angel
May 1, 2006 - 8:01:00 PM

Grant had a major falling out with his father years ago that sent him running from his home and the life that was planned for him.  Now his father has died and left him the business to run, but Grant never intended to come home and take his father's place.  Then he reconnects with Lindsey, a family friend who is supposed to help him get his image together.  Could she be the one he has been waiting for?

Lindsey is an image consultant and when Grant's mother calls her to transform Grant into the perfect businessman, she is eager to take the job.  Lindsey has wanted Grant since she was a teenager, but now is the time to prove herself and show him that she is not the young girl he once knew.  Question is, can she keep business and pleasure separate or will she give in to her desires for Grant?

RIDING THE LINE is such a great book.  Before you know it, the story is at an end.  Grant is a sexy hero who was brave enough to walk away from the life he knew and make one for himself.  Lindsey is trying hard to prove that she is a capable businesswoman, but her feelings for Grant keep getting in the way.  Needless to say this makes for some very comical moments and a wonderful plot.  The love scenes are hot and steamy with plenty of heat to keep the reader fanning.  Paige Burns has penned a fantastic tale of two people finding love in an unlikely situation.  

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