Riding West
By Jenn L
Sep 1, 2008 - 12:44:55 PM

Parker West is through waiting, he has proposed to Celia. What more could she want? He's going to lay it all on the line and take what he wants. Sure, kidnapping Celia is risky and drastic but after five years of loving her, he has nothing left to lose and everything to gain.

Celia Evans has loved Parker for as long as she can remember, but his less than stellar proposal and lukewarm attitude leave her slightly cold.  After refusing him, she is more than a little shocked when he comes and whisks her away.  How could he tie her up and throw her over his horse.  This take charge, aggressive man can't be her Parker.   She finds herself attracted to this side of Parker, a side she was sure lurked behind his calm façade.


As their passions ignite and Celia finds the insatiable woman within her, a range battle begins to brew.  It seems Parker isn't the only man intent on claiming Celia, it will take all their love and Parker’s iron will to keep the woman he's claimed for his own.


Ms. Emma Wildes pens an erotically charged tale from the opening lines and never lets the reader down as she explores Celia and Parker’s passion for one another.  Riddled with danger and intrigue, RIDING WEST holds you captive until its explosive conclusion.


Parker comes across as somewhat reserved, but inside beats the heart of a true Alpha male who will do anything for the woman he loves.  Passionate and strong, he is the epitome of the perfect cowboy.  Sexy, smart and unassuming, he has it all.


Celia is far from the girl next door, she knows what she wants and while she may act surprised by Parker's actions, she knew her refusal would spur him into action.  She is fiery and strong, yet she still has a vulnerability that is believable.


With strong dialogue, steamy sexual energy and a fast-paced plot, RIDING WEST delivers a trip well worth taking again and again.

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