Riding the Thunder

Author: Deborah MacGillivray

Publisher: Dorchester

Release Date: October 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: PRINT

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Jago Mershan is a man on a mission. His target - one Asha Montgomerie, the granddaughter of his family’s sworn enemy. Jago, along with his siblings are each doing their part in avenging their father’s death. There’s only one little problem with this plan, from the moment he meets Asha, he can’t help but think about a sleek classic Harley and wonder if she makes love Harley-style and how much he’d love to take a ride.

Asha doesn’t know anything about the Mershan’s vendetta against her family. She does know that she loves her little community and he’s a representative from Trident Ventures, a big dollar corporation who has been making offers for both the horse farm and The Windmill, Asha’s diner. Asha has a special fondness for the slow paced small community and has no intention of selling out. Though she does have to admit to an attraction to Jago that has her longing to take him for a spin.

It’s obvious that Asha isn’t happy with Jago’s presence in her life. For one thing he’s befriending everyone he meets and the crazy jukebox in her diner insists on playing songs that seem to have a special meaning and apply to whatever circumstances are going on at any given time. He insists that he doesn’t intend to settle down in any one place but then he contradicts himself by acquiring classic vehicles and caring for the cat who adopted him. The town itself is like a time capsule. Everything seems to have slowed or come to a complete stop and the citizens of The Windmill like it that way.

Asha and Jago get to know each other and discover a mutual passion which is only overshadowed by Jago’s knowledge of his reason for being in her life in the first place and Asha’s bizarre blackouts. In those episodes, she revisits the ‘60's and the lives of Laura and Tommy, two young lovers whose lives were cut tragically short. What does Tommy and Laura’s love story have to do with Jago and Asha? Will Jago be able to continue to aid his brothers in the quest to enact revenge? And how will Asha react when she discovers who Jago truly is and why he’s so interested in her? You’re just going to have to pick up a copy of this charmingly thrilling story to find out.

Deborah MacGillivray won me over with the first book in this fun-filled series, THE INVASION OF FALGANNON ISLE so that I couldn’t wait for the next book to be released. I’m so happy to tell you the wait is well worth it! Take a throwback town, a jukebox with a mind of it’s own, a community full of unforgettable characters, a fat cat with no name, a tragic love story intermingled with a present day story and you have the makings for a book that you won’t want to put down. I fell in love with the characters in this story and wanted a happy ending for each of them. Ms. MacGillivray’s storylines do more than give you an escape from reality, they allow you to dream of a world where happily-ever-afters are possible and love conquers all. Beautifully done!

Be sure to keep an eye out for the third book in the SISTERS Of COLFORD HALL series - A WOLF IN WOLF'S CLOTHING. This one will have Trevelyn Mershan and Raven Montgomerie’s story. Trust me, after the little bit I read about them in this book, you aren’t going to want to miss their story.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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